Keloid Treatment: Using the CryoShape Technology

Most people don’t experience any problems with healing wounds after they’ve injured themselves. Unfortunately, others may have wounds that heal improperly and develop excessive scar tissue surrounding the healing wound. This scar tissue, which is called keloids, can develop on any part of the body. Keloids are often irritating, though not life-threatening. One of the most effective ways to treat keloids is to remove them using cryogenic technology.

Keloid Treatment Methods
Developing scar tissue is normal when a wound or incision area is healing, but keloids are the result of having too much scar tissue develop around the healing wound. Although there are no long-term problems associated with most keloids, they are annoying because they tend to be itchy or painful. Their appearance is also off-putting because they can be puffy, red and have a thick, rubbery look to them. There are many ways to effectively treat keloids, including keloid removal.

Although they can develop anywhere on your body, keloids most often appear on the earlobes, the back, the shoulders and on the center of the chest. One effective keloid treatment is to remove the scarring by using cryogenic technology. The keloids are frozen by inserting a needle into the scar tissue and injecting it with liquid nitrogen. This helps to freeze and destroy the scar tissue so it can be removed. This keloid treatment is usually done in one session, unlike other treatments that require multiple sessions to successfully reduce the pain, redness and itch of keloids. The likelihood of recurrence is also significantly reduced using this removal method, so you should be satisfied with the results when you seek out this treatment.

When you use this keloid removal method, you will usually see improvements in the scarring in just a few days. Along with the removed tissue improving the appearance of the scar, you will experience relief from any discomfort you have had with your keloid. Discuss the options with your doctor if you have developed keloids around a healing wound, but this treatment method will usually help improve scarring faster than other keloid treatments.

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