A CSTD Offers the Ultimate in Safety and Ease of Use

Medical personnel are always looking for ways to make their jobs safer and easier. After all, not only are they exposed to sick people on a regular basis, but they also run the risk of being harmed by accidental exposures to devices such as syringes. The risk of exposure to hazardous drugs through syringes and other devices is always a major concern, but fortunately, there are now devices that use up-to-date technology to make them safer and therefore reduce the risk of being harmed by them.
New Technology Makes Syringes Safer and Easier to Use
A closed system transfer device is a newer device that offers a simple and elegant design and is easier to use than most other syringes. Because of the way it is made, a CSTD can easily protect healthcare workers from hazardous drugs and vapors, and the risks associated with these materials. The device is simple to use and inexpensive, but makes the healthcare worker’s job faster and safer.
Best of all, these devices have been cleared by the FDA and are made in facilities that are certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards. They are made with the highest-quality manufacturing procedures, from the blister packaging to the injection molding and even the laser and UV bonding. These devices offer a faster way to compound doses and, therefore, to administer drugs and other dangerous materials. The CSTD has been tested throughout Europe and has been proven to be both easier and faster to put together and to use.
If you are a healthcare provider and are interested in newer methods of being safe from dangerous drugs, checking out one of these new devices may provide the answers you’re looking for. The devices prevent contamination of the syringe plunger, which in turn reduces the amount of dangerous drugs you will be exposed to. Because of their unique design and features, these devices virtually eliminate the contamination once considered common by healthcare workers and keeps the workers safer from dangerous drugs and vapors. They offer the ultimate in both ease of use and safety for any healthcare worker.

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